One Promise

One thing I ask of yourself,
Love me for who I am and be true!I promise to be your voice,
when you can’t find the words.
I promise to think about you,
wherever you are in the world.
I promise to wipe your tears,
when you feel you need to cry.
I promise to be your sweet melody of love,
who croons life.
I promise to be your rhyme which is prime!
I promise to sparkle you in my eyes,oh,so bright !
I promise to cherish you for the rest of my life,
while growing old with you.
I promise to be your confidante,
as you are mine.
In mesmerising  moonlit,Thousands twinkling stars,
I promise to be your brightest star.
You think,I’m crazy for loving you
I wish, you could see the person I see in you!

Optimal Health

“Health is Wealth” is true in every scenario. World is witnessing the pandemonium due to COVID19 pandemic.people need strong immune system to fight corona virus.people often know that health is wealth but seldom take it seriously. Nutrition,workout,positive mindset etc are essentials in order to stay healthy & fit but I am going to write about the importance of workout in this article. i will cover other topics in my next blog.I have read somewhere that “Exercise is king.Nutrition is queen.put them together & you’ve got a kingdom.” Actually in our young age we think “I’m fit”,i don’t have any weight issue, and i don’t have any disease so i don’t need to do workout.You can be fit without workout in some specific circumstances but not in long run.People often underestimate the meaning of staying healthy and fit.if they don’t have any disease they think they are healthy but it is not enough.

The WHO has defined health as ” A state of complete physical,mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness or infirmity.

Staying healthy means be at peak of your optimal health, your enthusiasm for life,your sanity, your happiness,your mental and emotional health.Putting your body,heart and mind in harmony.Optimal health is important because without it, do whatever,get whatever,acquire whatever,living to the highest joy possible is not possible.

We live in such a age where we are bombarded with lots of information about fitness on internet : Celebrity workout videos,beauty tips,gyms, wellness centres, supplements to name a few.I am not saying that one should be unconscionable about workout or be a fitness freak.But one should understand the benefit of work out and engage yourself in any kind of physical activity. Work out simply means any kind of physical activity which keeps you fit according to your body type,lifestyle and surroundings.In ancient time people didn’t used to go to the gym but still they were healthy and fit because there were not machine labour present.But today human labour is replaced by machines so we need to do workout in order to stay fit and active.People often make one very common execuse that “we don’t have time to do exercise”.we have kids to look after,office,job,study,busy schedule so we don’t get time and they don’t start taking their health seriously until they get any disease or health it’s better to understand the pitfall of any kind of illness before it occurs.After all, we all know “prevention is better than cure”.If your schedule is busy then make yourself more disciplined and prioritize your tasks.

I want to put down some of views on “why optimal health is important” :-

1)Feel better – with more energy,better mood,feel more relaxed and improved sleep quality and strengthens immunity,helps in weight management,increases flexibility and increases muscle mass.

2)Recover better from periods of hospitalization or bed rest.

3)Regular workout reduces the risk of chronic diseases,cardio vascular diseases and osteoporosis in old age.

4)Excercising or any kind of physical activity increases the release of feel good hormones like endorphins,dopamine,serotonin into the bloodstream that energize well into most of your day.

5)Working out or staying physically active is more important to women as it helps them with menstrual cramps,in pregnancy, natural birth (during labour),and significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer.And a healthy mother passed this legacy of health to their child.

6)Staying healthy and fit saves you from physical, mental and emotional turmoil you face after getting any kind of illness no matter how minuscule it is,it is enough to make your life topsy & turvy.

7)If you are ill it puts extra pressure on your pocket plus on economy plus the amount of time you waste in doctor’s appointments.In some diseases you get dependent on medications and put on certain restrictions which feels like incarceration and its onerous to people around you who takes care of you in such time.

I hope these 7 points are motivating enough to move your body for staying healthy and fit.Set achievable goals.Don’t fall victim to the ‘all or nothing’ mentality.if you can only find the time for one or two exercise sessions per week at the moment,congratulate yourself on this achievement.Every little bit helps and some exercise is significantly better than no exercise at all.Imbibe the importance of optimal health. Cease the bad habits or laziness and seize the ecstasy of optimal health.

I’m a woman,what’s your superpower ?

I am a woman and misery is served me in thousand ways.

From foeticide to genital mutilation,

From sexism to objectification,

From gender based discrimination to sexual assault,

how far down will these miseries go ?

Creepy stares & groping make me feel horrible,

why marital rape is still incognito ??

I am in grip of MALE DOMINANCE over the years…

Its serpentine tongue wrapped tightly around my neck.

From periods to Body Shaming,

Dowry to Domestic Violence,

Unequal pay to harassment at workplace,

Eve-teasing to Rape,

From being liability to being object to please their needs,

These miseries trapped and chained and jailed me completely.

Make me break and lose my mind.

yet, I chose to Rise and Shine

Achieved many milestones and proved that i am no less than them.

I am multifaceted and bear immense strength too.

I hold universe in me.

YES! I’am a woman, what’s your superpower ??

Gender inequality: Root cause of all the problems women are facing.

Today’s women’s day.Women’s Rights and gender equality are taking centre stage in 2020.This year’s theme for international women’s day (8 March) is,”I’m generation equality:Realizing women’s Rights“.The “generation equality campaign” is bringing together people of every gender,age,ethnicity,race,religion and country,to drive actions that will create the gender equal world we all deserve.

We all read,write,watch and talk so much about issues related to women’s rights ofcourse more than men’s rights.We only celebrate  women’s day not men’s day.We talk and debate about issues like discrimmination sexual harassment,domestic violence,rapes to name a few.Women and different organizations,activists from all over the world make efforts to eliminate such practises.But let me say it all boils down to only one thing “gender equality”.what actually women want ? They just want to be treated equally as their male counterparts.that’s is as simple as that.What makes is complicated is the way to achieve gender equality,because the severe the problem the more efforts it needs to address.Gender inequality is ingrained in beliefs,practices,culture,gender,lifestyle,the way we act,think,talk and behave with women.Not only men are culprit of this prevailing gender inequality but women are also culprits by some way or other.Women also become enemy of their own.That’s why it didn’t stop to only that generation. It is inherited by preaching these gender stereotypes to upcoming generations. Though today’s women’s are taking front row in many areans but there is still long way to go.Gender equality demands innumerable changes.Change,however,is not just about big headlines,moments,legal victories and international agreements: the way we talk think,act,treat everyday can create a ripple effect that benefits everyone. UN women org has published 12 small actions with big impact for generation equality which I am going to summarise below. Ever heard saying “a woman’s work is never done”? Well,it’s true: women take on three times more unpaid care and domestic work than men.That’s time and energy taken away from women to advance their career,earn more money and enjoy leisure activities.Men need to show care: commit to evenly sharing household chores,parenting responsibilities and other unpaid work.Now the question arises how many men follow it ? only those whose wives,sisters or mothers are aware of above mentioned things.Before even hitting puberty,girls across the world already carry internalized beliefs about their place,worth and role in society as dependent,vulnerable or incapable and are told to act accordingly,reinforcing gender stereotypes and keeping girls from realizing their full potential. it’s hard to unlearn these kinds of beliefs.That’s why it’s so important to start addressing them early.Women are already facing so much in the name of ideals but body shaming is prevailing.Though beauty standards vary from place to place,they almost always promote a narrow,unrealistic vision of femininity.Women are often expected to devote far more time,energy and money to their appearances than their male counterparts.This kind of double standard proliferates the sense that women’s bodies aren’t really their own– that they’re objects intended for public consumption.Unrealistic physical ideals can also manifest in serious mental and physical harm.The advertising industry drives sales by playing up these ideals and exploiting the insecurities they foster.Rethink your beliefs on what it means to be beautiful.Do you ever think what leads to acid attacks,rapes and sexual harassment ? gender inequality is the answer. fake masculine person thinks women are objects to pacify their needs.So he wants to get her the way he wants.if she says no then he shows his dominance by committing heinous crimes like acid attacks and rapes.Martial rape is also the result of fake masculinity and dominance over women.There is many more issues.But all have one common root cause – ingrained gender inequality.

न जाने कोन पहर किसने दस्तक दी

My friend wrote really beautiful poem that I couldn’t resist to share it on my wordpress site.Hope you all will like it.

न जाने कौन पहर ठहरा है , ना जाने किसने दस्तक दी,
मन की चौखट पर आये मोती , न जाने किसने मस्तक दी।
इन सुहानी शाम से पूछो , बहती नदियों के नाम से पूछो,
पूछो की वह कितनी कितनी खूबसूरत है,
पूछो की प्रेम की क्या मूरत है।
सोचता हूं जड़ दु सितारे उसके आँचल में,
या कभी सोचता हु भर लू उसे अपने ही आँचल में।
रह लूंगा वीराने में, सहारे उसने जो खुशियां दी
न जाने कौन पहर ठहरा है, न जाने किसने दस्तक दी।

रात के आगोश में, बातों का कोलाहल है
है अब सब कुछ थमा हुआ सा, अनजानी सी हलचल है।
रात के अंधियारों में नींदे करवट लेती है।
मखमल के कपड़े भी छूने से सलवट लेती है ।
एक सिरहन सी दोड़ पड़ी है, छूने के कम्पन्न से
में जाहिर करू अपने जज़्बातों को, एक किसी चुम्बन से।
में महसूस करता हु तुझे, जो राते तूने अब तक दी।
न जाने कौन पहर ठहरा है, न जाने किसने दस्तक दी।

Originally written by

Kamlesh Choudhary

Nothing is Bigger

No Dream is bigger than your happiness,

No material things are bigger than your mental peace,

No success is bigger than your sweaty efforts,

No wealth is bigger than your health,

No person is worthy than your self worth,

No money is bigger than your selflessness,

No silhouette is bigger than your inner beauty,

No Privilege is bigger than your freedom,

No Religion is bigger than humanity,

No chauvinism is bigger than righteousness.

Despite all the adversities choose happiness.That’s all that eventually matters.

What’s Holding You Back

What’s holding you back,

The shackles of this society?

Or the chain of your loved ones??

fear of failure or fear of delayed success ?

are you thinking about the tag ?

mean or meaningful….

What u will get ??

Don’t you able to see circumstances tied you in its shakeles

Now you are screaming to free yourself.

Nobody listening you now…don’t worry.

In the chaos of your so called ideal world,

you kept on ignoring your heart’s calling.

you kept on running and running for the sake of making it work

you kept on blaming yourself

You didn’t even realise when you became too harsh on yourself.

I know,the door is not always so wide open

But you had belief in yourself.

Then what’s holding you back for so long

that now the time started taking a toll on you.

Just free yourself from all these for a while,

and ask yourself where you belong ??

just a nudge to self….i put my thoughts simply without caring about grammatical errors or anything….ignore errors!wanted to save it in draft but thought it’s just a nudge….😃

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

no matter,how cliche this line sounds but it’s so true.Whether it is person or thing it is applicable to all.A most beautiful creation may seems frivolous to another or vice versa.Basically,it is the beholder’s attitude towards seeing or identifying a beauty.Beholder needs to be trained to see beauty differently not the beauty needs to be changed.There is no definition of beauty as we can neither define it in words nor can judge it.Beauty depends on the qualities of beholder more than the qualities of itself.Even the quirkiest things may seem beautiful to some while the most beautiful gift of life seems ugliest to some.So it depends totally on beholder’s attitude towards it.

In the age of social networking sites,selfies,high definition cameras,filters we are inclined towards fake beauty.We are hiding our real self which we are.

Steven Bartlett said :

Social media has made “PERFECT” look achievable,so now “REAL” has become undesirable.

Expecting perfection from life, friends,your partner,your career and from yourself is the enemy of happiness.

Instead of perfection,search for balance,contentment,fulfilment and progress.

we often compare ourself with others.We try to be someone else than what we are.In this race we often tend to lose the sense of individuality.I don’t understand why there is always a certain fixed criteria of beauty that it ought to be this way.When we have certain thoughts about how it ought to be we can’t see how it is, and this is what we all are doing.We underestimate the power of good heart and good qualities of a person over a good look.A beauty and well crafted body catches eyes,I agree,it surely does.But a person gets bored with it after some time.What matters in the long run is good qualities which is infectious.By saying this I don’t mean one should not do efforts to look beautiful.There is nothing wrong in it.But don’t compromise with being a good person having very good qualities.Don’t make other feel bad if they don’t fit into your small definition of beauty.It is clearly visible in comment section of social networking sites.people troll mindlessly if one is fat,have dark complexion or don’t look in a certain way.Train yourself to see or identify a beauty differently.


अधपढी सी एक किताब ज़िंदगी,
कई किस्से,किरदारों से सजी ये।
अप्रतिम,अतुलनीय ज़िंदगी,
कभी ज़िक्र तो कभी फ़िक्र ज़िंदगी ।
लमहों की खुली किताब ज़िंदगी।।

कुछ ज़रूरते पूरी तो कुछ ख्वाहिशे अधुरी,
क्या इन्हीं सवालों के जवाब है ज़िंदगी ?

यादों की कसक कभी तो,
साँसो की थकन ज़िंदगी।
कभी सच्ची मोहब्बत की तलब ज़िंदगी,
तो कभी एक खुबसूरत पैगाम ज़िंदगी।

कभी दिन की भागदौड़ ज़िंदगी,
तो कभी रूहानी शाम की रुखसत ज़िंदगी।
फ़टी जैब सी कभी,तो कभी सिक्कों की खनक सी ज़िंदगी।

कभी फरमाइशो की लम्बी फेरहिस्त,
तो कभी सच-झूठ,जीत-हार का स्वाद ज़िंदगी,

कई मोड़ लेने वाली,एक पहेली सी ज़िंदगी।

खुदा से मिला अजीज तोहफ़ा ज़िंदगी!