What’s Holding You Back

What’s holding you back,

The shackles of this society?

Or the chain of your loved ones??

fear of failure or fear of delayed success ?

are you thinking about the tag ?

mean or meaningful….

What u will get ??

Don’t you able to see circumstances tied you in its shakeles

Now you are screaming to free yourself.

Nobody listening you now…don’t worry.

In the chaos of your so called ideal world,

you kept on ignoring your heart’s calling.

you kept on running and running for the sake of making it work

you kept on blaming yourself

You didn’t even realise when you became too harsh on yourself.

I know,the door is not always so wide open

But you had belief in yourself.

Then what’s holding you back for so long

that now the time started taking a toll on you.

Just free yourself from all these for a while,

and ask yourself where you belong ??

just a nudge to self….i put my thoughts simply without caring about grammatical errors or anything….ignore errors!wanted to save it in draft but thought it’s just a nudge….πŸ˜ƒ


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