Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

no matter,how cliche this line sounds but it’s so true.Whether it is person or thing it is applicable to all.A most beautiful creation may seems frivolous to another or vice versa.Basically,it is the beholder’s attitude towards seeing or identifying a beauty.Beholder needs to be trained to see beauty differently not the beauty needs to be changed.There is no definition of beauty as we can neither define it in words nor can judge it.Beauty depends on the qualities of beholder more than the qualities of itself.Even the quirkiest things may seem beautiful to some while the most beautiful gift of life seems ugliest to some.So it depends totally on beholder’s attitude towards it.

In the age of social networking sites,selfies,high definition cameras,filters we are inclined towards fake beauty.We are hiding our real self which we are.

Steven Bartlett said :

Social media has made “PERFECT” look achievable,so now “REAL” has become undesirable.

Expecting perfection from life, friends,your partner,your career and from yourself is the enemy of happiness.

Instead of perfection,search for balance,contentment,fulfilment and progress.

we often compare ourself with others.We try to be someone else than what we are.In this race we often tend to lose the sense of individuality.I don’t understand why there is always a certain fixed criteria of beauty that it ought to be this way.When we have certain thoughts about how it ought to be we can’t see how it is, and this is what we all are doing.We underestimate the power of good heart and good qualities of a person over a good look.A beauty and well crafted body catches eyes,I agree,it surely does.But a person gets bored with it after some time.What matters in the long run is good qualities which is infectious.By saying this I don’t mean one should not do efforts to look beautiful.There is nothing wrong in it.But don’t compromise with being a good person having very good qualities.Don’t make other feel bad if they don’t fit into your small definition of beauty.It is clearly visible in comment section of social networking sites.people troll mindlessly if one is fat,have dark complexion or don’t look in a certain way.Train yourself to see or identify a beauty differently.


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