My Success Story

Hello folks !

This is Priya Gupta from Indore.I have done my B.Sc in computer science. Currently i am working in Madyanchal Gramin bank as an Office Assistant (Multipurpose).

My journey of becoming financially independent started back in 2013.I did coaching of JEE MAINS in Allen kota but wasn’t able to clear it due to that I shattered and lost my confidence,my thinking became negative.Then I had to take admission in B.Sc (CS).i was reluctant but acquiesced.One day in a bus while talking to my school senior she suggested me that I should try for banking then I gave it a thought. after completing my 2nd year I took 2.5 months offline coaching for bank exams as I didn’t have guidance.After that I completed my remaining 3rd year of graduation.Since 2nd year I did various jobs like school teaching,home tutions,coaching etc as to support my studies.i completed my graduation in 2017.When I passed out of college in 2017 I made it clear in my mind that I would not pursue higher studies. Rather I will prepare for some job as I was not economically so good.I decided to focus on bank exams preparation fully.I prepared from various online platforms like gradeup,adda,oliveboard,studyniti,practisemock and testbook.Wrote Many prelims and mains mock tests and analyzed them fully and used to solve remaining questions later.I believe practise is the key to excel bank exams as it helps you in increasing your speed as well as accuracy which is prerequisite for prelims.

Exams in which I appeared

ist exam in which I appeared was SSC chsl in January was my ist online exam.After that I appeared in ibps po 2017 but couldn’t even clear pre then I appeared in ibps clerk prelims in December 2017 and scored only 50 marks out of 100.In 2018 I appeared in SBI Clerk Prelims and cleared pre with very good Marks it boosted my confidence then I appeared in mains but due to typhoid I couldn’t clear MAINS then I shifted my focus little bit and tried writing,reading novels and did one more pvt job till april 2019 then again I appeared in SBI clerk prelims and I cleared it this time too but again missed mains.My name came in waiting list but I filled wrong category due to that I couldn’t join SBI in 2020.Then I appeared in LIC assistant exam.cleared pre and again missed MAINS.Then I appeared in Ibps po,ibps clerk and time time I filed RRB office assistant and officer scale 1 application form as well.And finally I cleared RRB office assistant.

Subject Strategy

Quant : Ist I cleared my basics of each and every topic of this subject then I used to practice gradeup and adda quizzes.Used to watch YouTube videos of various quant topics.Focused on short tricks and fast calculations.Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma has been very useful in clearing concepts.

Reasoning : Learned each topic very well through various YouTube channels. practiced lots of quizzes from various online platforms and focused more on puzzles and seating arrangements.

English : If one has a good command in english this can be a scoring subject in exam.Though I studied in hindi medium school but English always has been my strong point.I read lots of novels,blogs,newspaper (specially The Hindu editorial) online.Did writing as well.Then practiced quizzes and RCs from online platforms.Made a separate notebook for vocabulary and used to revise it.

Current affairs : Today there is no dearth of platforms available for Current affairs.Somtimes it gets so confusing and tedious to read from all those sources available and we often end up breaking our continuity. So after reading from many platforms I selected some sources which are as follows : 1) Affairs cloud daily pdf,Q & Answers pdf,exam pdf 2)Adda the hindu daily quizzes 3)Olivebaord 400+ questions series 4)Gradeup weekly quizzes 5)Latest Mains Mocks General awareness questions from any 2 platforms. 6)Latest YouTube Videos of current affairs some days before exam. I prepared current affairs from all these sources and trust me it’s more than enough.If you will follow these sources with continuity you will definitely score good Marks in Current affairs.For banking awareness YouTube videos and pdfs of the same are enough. Revision is must.

Computer Awarenss :pdfs of any 2 good platforms and YouTube videos will suffice.

Mock Test : In initial stage of my prep I used to write gradeup and testbook test series later I switched to oliveboard mock series.For pre I used to write 1 free mock of many sites as to get myself abreast with surprises.Same thing I followed for mains as well.But I followed oliveboard mocks religiously as it is as per the latest pattern of exam. Proper analysis and solving the unattempted questions are very important.Many times I used to got demoralised by seeing the test score but this is all about practice.If you will write and analyse more and more tests you will get at it better and better.

Mistakes which I have made This point will be very helpful to fellow aspirants who will be reading my success story.We often make mistakes which delay our success.i made many mistakes which delayed my success.I am mentioning those so that you guys learn from my mistakes without delaying your success. 1) Continuinty is the key. Some days I used to study for long hours and some days I didn’t used to feel like studying.this attitude is wrong.Later on I realized it and corrected it.

2) Not taking enough breaks.When you replace your other activities hours by study it means you are not efficient in your work.Same goes in professional life as well.Take enough breaks in between your study hours and treat yourself when you achieve your target.Do other activities like spending time with family and friends,leisure activities etc.

3)Healhty diet,sleep and excercise.These are the keys of overall wellbeing.One should never take them lightly.Sedentary lifestyle is lethal for health.

4) Belive in yourself.There will always be some people who will judge you and will try to put you down just to see themselves up but never listen to their bullshit and always always belive in yourself and your hardwork even when nobody believes in you.Because at the end of the day only you will be held responsible for your choices.

5)Learn from your mistakes.Failures are a part of success journey.without sour taste of failures one can’t enjoy the sweet nectar of success.But making mistakes alone won’t lend you anywhere in life but making mistakes while trying and learning from them would definitely lend you at better place in life.If you scored low in mock test then analyse it and check what silly mistakes you made or were you lacking in concepts,if you scored low in exams then find out where you lacked and improve upon them and don’t repeat your mistakes. same goes with everything in life.If we learn from our mistakes then it will definitely leads us towards the path of success.

Exam Strategy : 1)Pre : Pre is all about speed and a ccuracy.You have to solve 80 questions of Quant and Reasoning in just 45 minutes and cutoff is skyrocketing each passing and quick methods to solve questions in given time will sail you through the exam.Giving lots and lots of mock tests and analyzing them properly is the best way to ace the exam.

2) Mains : Mains is real hurdle in the journey of bank exams.Here also you have composite time of 2 hours in which you have to solve 200 questions of 5 subjects.Make your strategy beforehand which section you are going to attempt ist and how much time you are gonna devote to that particular subject as all subjects don’t carry equal weightage so make strategy accordingly and follow the same in mocks as well to form a habit.Don’t get panic by seeing difficult questions in exam.if it’s tough then it’s tough for everyone.skip and attempt easy ones ist.You don’t need to score 100% to clear the exam,remember that.Wrong selection of questions is among the main reasons of failure of bank exam aspirants and mocks come at your rescue in this.One mistake which I have done here is that i used to write mains mocks after pre which is wrong as after pre you left with very less time to prepare for mains so prepare for both pre and mains simultaneously.

At last I want to say thanks to people who made my journey interesting and they all have been very supportive in anyway possible.Ist of all Divya di who adviced me to come into banking sector may be god made me meet her in bus that day.My parents and my family who were always there with me in my thick and thin.Gaurav bhaiya who always motivated me and said yes for my admission in his coaching institute.Akash bhaiya who is my best friend always always stood by my side no matter what.he always belived in me and my struggles.Mehul my friend who is in LIC currently always helped me like a true buddy and tells me truth no matter how harsh it seems.that’s what for best friends are! My friend rajat I remember my ist online exam in which I made so many silly mistakes he helped me with recognizing those mistakes and he made sure I won’t repeat my mistakes.My brother Kapil who supported me and showed right path when my life was in total mess.I want to thank all the negative people too who made my path difficult to walk on.thanks because if they weren’t there how would my wil got so strong to succeed.Everytime when people used to put me down by saying that you can’t do it I used to work harder not to prove themselves but to prove myself that yes ! I can do it.My success journey doesn’t end here but it’s definitely a no looking back moment where I feel content and happy but I keep trying for becoming better version of myself each passing day.

“God has perfect timing ;never early,never late.It takes a little patience and it takes of lot of faith and self belief but it’s worth the wait.”



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