One Promise

One thing I ask of yourself,
Love me for who I am and be true!I promise to be your voice,
when you can’t find the words.
I promise to think about you,
wherever you are in the world.
I promise to wipe your tears,
when you feel you need to cry.
I promise to be your sweet melody of love,
who croons life.
I promise to be your rhyme which is prime!
I promise to sparkle you in my eyes,oh,so bright !
I promise to cherish you for the rest of my life,
while growing old with you.
I promise to be your confidante,
as you are mine.
In mesmerising  moonlit,Thousands twinkling stars,
I promise to be your brightest star.
You think,I’m crazy for loving you
I wish, you could see the person I see in you!


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