I’m a woman,what’s your superpower ?

I am a woman and misery is served me in thousand ways.

From foeticide to genital mutilation,

From sexism to objectification,

From gender based discrimination to sexual assault,

how far down will these miseries go ?

Creepy stares & groping make me feel horrible,

why marital rape is still incognito ??

I am in grip of MALE DOMINANCE over the years…

Its serpentine tongue wrapped tightly around my neck.

From periods to Body Shaming,

Dowry to Domestic Violence,

Unequal pay to harassment at workplace,

Eve-teasing to Rape,

From being liability to being object to please their needs,

These miseries trapped and chained and jailed me completely.

Make me break and lose my mind.

yet, I chose to Rise and Shine

Achieved many milestones and proved that i am no less than them.

I am multifaceted and bear immense strength too.

I hold universe in me.

YES! I’am a woman, what’s your superpower ??


5 thoughts on “I’m a woman,what’s your superpower ?

  1. No comparison …these Super womens give birth’s feed educate make us better person

    We r tiny speck nothing in front of these Superheroines❀

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