Gender inequality: Root cause of all the problems women are facing.

Today’s women’s day.Women’s Rights and gender equality are taking centre stage in 2020.This year’s theme for international women’s day (8 March) is,”I’m generation equality:Realizing women’s Rights“.The “generation equality campaign” is bringing together people of every gender,age,ethnicity,race,religion and country,to drive actions that will create the gender equal world we all deserve.

We all read,write,watch and talk so much about issues related to women’s rights ofcourse more than men’s rights.We only celebrate  women’s day not men’s day.We talk and debate about issues like discrimmination sexual harassment,domestic violence,rapes to name a few.Women and different organizations,activists from all over the world make efforts to eliminate such practises.But let me say it all boils down to only one thing “gender equality”.what actually women want ? They just want to be treated equally as their male counterparts.that’s is as simple as that.What makes is complicated is the way to achieve gender equality,because the severe the problem the more efforts it needs to address.Gender inequality is ingrained in beliefs,practices,culture,gender,lifestyle,the way we act,think,talk and behave with women.Not only men are culprit of this prevailing gender inequality but women are also culprits by some way or other.Women also become enemy of their own.That’s why it didn’t stop to only that generation. It is inherited by preaching these gender stereotypes to upcoming generations. Though today’s women’s are taking front row in many areans but there is still long way to go.Gender equality demands innumerable changes.Change,however,is not just about big headlines,moments,legal victories and international agreements: the way we talk think,act,treat everyday can create a ripple effect that benefits everyone. UN women org has published 12 small actions with big impact for generation equality which I am going to summarise below. Ever heard saying “a woman’s work is never done”? Well,it’s true: women take on three times more unpaid care and domestic work than men.That’s time and energy taken away from women to advance their career,earn more money and enjoy leisure activities.Men need to show care: commit to evenly sharing household chores,parenting responsibilities and other unpaid work.Now the question arises how many men follow it ? only those whose wives,sisters or mothers are aware of above mentioned things.Before even hitting puberty,girls across the world already carry internalized beliefs about their place,worth and role in society as dependent,vulnerable or incapable and are told to act accordingly,reinforcing gender stereotypes and keeping girls from realizing their full potential. it’s hard to unlearn these kinds of beliefs.That’s why it’s so important to start addressing them early.Women are already facing so much in the name of ideals but body shaming is prevailing.Though beauty standards vary from place to place,they almost always promote a narrow,unrealistic vision of femininity.Women are often expected to devote far more time,energy and money to their appearances than their male counterparts.This kind of double standard proliferates the sense that women’s bodies aren’t really their own– that they’re objects intended for public consumption.Unrealistic physical ideals can also manifest in serious mental and physical harm.The advertising industry drives sales by playing up these ideals and exploiting the insecurities they foster.Rethink your beliefs on what it means to be beautiful.Do you ever think what leads to acid attacks,rapes and sexual harassment ? gender inequality is the answer. fake masculine person thinks women are objects to pacify their needs.So he wants to get her the way he wants.if she says no then he shows his dominance by committing heinous crimes like acid attacks and rapes.Martial rape is also the result of fake masculinity and dominance over women.There is many more issues.But all have one common root cause – ingrained gender inequality.


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