अधपढी सी एक किताब ज़िंदगी,
कई किस्से,किरदारों से सजी ये।
अप्रतिम,अतुलनीय ज़िंदगी,
कभी ज़िक्र तो कभी फ़िक्र ज़िंदगी ।
लमहों की खुली किताब ज़िंदगी।।

कुछ ज़रूरते पूरी तो कुछ ख्वाहिशे अधुरी,
क्या इन्हीं सवालों के जवाब है ज़िंदगी ?

यादों की कसक कभी तो,
साँसो की थकन ज़िंदगी।
कभी सच्ची मोहब्बत की तलब ज़िंदगी,
तो कभी एक खुबसूरत पैगाम ज़िंदगी।

कभी दिन की भागदौड़ ज़िंदगी,
तो कभी रूहानी शाम की रुखसत ज़िंदगी।
फ़टी जैब सी कभी,तो कभी सिक्कों की खनक सी ज़िंदगी।

कभी फरमाइशो की लम्बी फेरहिस्त,
तो कभी सच-झूठ,जीत-हार का स्वाद ज़िंदगी,

कई मोड़ लेने वाली,एक पहेली सी ज़िंदगी।

खुदा से मिला अजीज तोहफ़ा ज़िंदगी!


The Hungry Boy

A hungry bony boy begs his mama for food.

Mama,teary eyed points to the sun glowing red

Then,give me that bread now

I haven’t eaten since night,stomach is growling

let this hot bread cool down son

So far,yet so scorching,it may blister your mouth,said mama

The hot sun slowly hid behind the mountain

And waiting for his bread,the bony boy went to sleep hungry again!

A poem by Late shri Krishna kalamb (a former poet)

Krishna kalamb,the author of the poem,was a small farmer in maharashtra.A few years ago,he killed himself because he had no money.He had taken a loan of 20,000 from a bank and over 50,000 from a moneylender.He had to sell three acres of his land to repay his loans,pay for his daughter’ education ,build a small house and start a small business in his village.However,his bussiness failed and he did not have a good harvest.he could not repay the loan.

It is unfortunate that farmers face so many problems when they are the ones who provide us with food.

I Don’t Mind!

I don’t mind talking with you in your free time, but I also want you to free some time for me.

I don’t mind you calling me cute and hot, but I also want you to find me equally gorgeous when I’m low.

I don’t mind you being proud on me at my best, but I also want you to hug me when I fail miserably.

I don’t want to come in your dreams at night, but I want to run through your mind all day.

I don’t mind your past relationships, but I want you to be disinterested in other girls when I come into your life.

I don’t mind you flirting with me mischievously, but I also want you to be my side when I need you the most.

I don’t want to be loved behind the locked doors, but I want this world to witness our togetherness.

I don’t mind you to be protective for me, but I also want you to consider me self reliant.

I don’t want you to be perfect, but I want us to be perfect together.

I don’t mind making love with you, but first made me feel that I am more than that for you.

I don’t mind leaving my whole world behind for you, but first show me that you could be my whole world.

The monk who sold his ferrari

I recently read this magnificent book titled “the monk who sold his Ferrari” suggested by my younger brother.I found this book so fascinating that I couldn’t resist myself to pen down its summary.Well,I’m niche in writing so didn’t find any suitable topic on which I can write but i am active reader so i thought why don’t write a summary on this life changing book.

Well,this book consists 13 profound lessons which are thought provoking.When I started reading this magical book,it made me think a lot and I started changing dramatically.I became organized,more considerate,grateful towards life,more disciplined,and most importantly I started to master my mind which is why so important you will get to know only after reading this book.

Basically it’s a story of world class and immensely successful litigator of USA who has everything in his life one desired to have.He was tough,hard- driving and willing to work 18 hours days for the success he believed was his destiny or you can say he was obsessed with his work or you can say with his profession.One day a heart attack in packed courtroom became wake up call for him and he went to mystical and spritual land India In self search.where he met sages of sivana.They told him the 7 timeless virtues for enlightened living in the form of a mystical little fable After that he changed completly.When he returned from that mystical land India he became almost unrecognizable to his only friend John because he has transformed inside out.He told his transformation story later to john in very intresting way that John fascinated and startled by such a practical and simple ways to enlightened living.

We all witness different kinds of people from all over the world in our life.We observe that some people make so much money but still they aren’t happy,some make so much money and they are happy too and many more kinds of people do exist.But one thing is true for all that everybody have their own set of problems and circumstances.But the people who live their life full of ecstacy and true enlightenment what makes them different from rest of the people who always bother about their problems.Because if you really want to live your life with full of ecstacy and enlightenment you have to put your body,mind and soul in harmony.First we have to understand the fact that why is it so important to put them in harmony ?Beacuse elevating your body and mind to its highest level without elevating your soul to its highest level will make you feel empty and dissatified from inside depsite achieving your desired success.Now question arises how one can try for true enlightened living full of ecstacy.

You need to cultivate 7 virtues within yourself if your really want to live your life that way :

1. Master you mind

2.Follow your purpose

3.Practise good habits

4.Live with discipline

5.Respect your time

6.Seflessly serve others

7.Embrace and savor

the present.

Our mind is obedient slave but a terrible master.In order to achieve worthy goals in our life we need to take care of our mind.we need to make it our slave who follows our command but we often become its slave.”What we think we become” the line may sound cliche to some but it holds it’s true meaning in every scenario.Once we learn to master our mind it becomes easy for us to tap into our infinite potential which everybody has within themselves.Now again question arises what type of goal we can call worthy ?a worthy goal can be spiritual, material anything.But it should serve others in some ways or other.It should hold the true and whole purpose of your life.Once you master your mind it becomes easy for you to cultivate good habits which is essential for success.One should care about time always.We should fix precisely deadline for whatever we do but this should not be fanatic type.When you invest in yourself to raising your body,mind and soul to their highest level you almost feel as if you developed a navigator inside you which tell you what things should be done to achieve greater results.The results will astonish you and you will having inner harmony and balance which perhaps you ever have had in your entire life.You will start living in present without worrying about future and will enjoy every moment of life.

Give it a shot you will change dramatically. people will actually begin telling you that you look radiant,enthusiastic,happier,full of exuberant energy and the kind of aura you will develop around you by your positive energy will astonish you.